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  • Téa Francesca Price

    Téa Francesca Price

    Audio Producer / Reporter ◆ San Francisco / Bay Area

  • Maria Angel Ferrero

    Maria Angel Ferrero

    Feminist, Writer, PhD, Researcher & Professor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship U. Montpellier, editor @thefacultypub and @thebravewritter blog:

  • Keerthana Thiagaraj

    Keerthana Thiagaraj

    Tech enthusiast |Music lover💜 Reach me at

  • Tarik Ata

    Tarik Ata

    History with Politics graduate, currently doing an MA in Global History. Freelance Writer. I have a wide array of interests far too many for this bio.

  • Robert Bacal

    Robert Bacal

    Author, Trainer, customer service, management, performance appraisal,leadership,difficult customers

  • Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez

    I’m a teacher mentor and I help struggling, young teachers thrive in their career through practical coping strategies and proven advice.

  • Kyu Ho Youm

    Kyu Ho Youm

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