Vaccines are wonderful. They stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against diseases. Their production, not to mention their distribution, is complex. Yet science tells us that in spite of the wonder of vaccines, their power is limited. That means acknowledging that the disease will never go away. We can only hope to limit its effects.

Last November, this nation had an opportunity to self-inoculate. As in 2021, what many hoped to get rid of won’t go away. Donald Trump won’t leave the stage and Trumpism now appears to be eternal.

We’re living through a perfect storm in which…

Dear sir or madam:

I have spent the better part of four years trying to figure out somebody: not Donald, but you. How and why could any reasonable person repeatedly support a person who time after time eroded and disabled so many of America’s institutions, traditions, pillars of democracy and democracy itself? How could you also enable a person whose moral character and compass are not only lacking, but perhaps nonexistent; who from day one told us to believe him and not our lying eyes; who made lying a way of life and asked us to accept new definitions of…

“I think about that class quite often. I know it’s imprinted on at least a handful of us.”

“That was an extraordinary conversation that has stuck with me years later.”

“That class really sticks in my mind as a turning point and it was an honor to be there that night.”

“That class was the most meaningful one I ever had.”

“It was an incredible class and I won’t forget the impact it had on me and my friends.”

Most of us remember November 2016 for Donald Trump’s election as president. That time also resonates with me because of the…

Joseph Russomanno, Ph.D.

Professor at Arizona State University.

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